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Top 5 

Sometimes we get asked by our customers as to what are the Top 5 sessions that people request.  These are the top five or the ones seem the most interested in currently.
  1. Microsoft Office 365 Tips and Tricks (120 minutes)
  2. Microsoft Office for the iPad / Microsoft OneDrive for Business Mobile Experience (60 minutes)
  3. Microsoft Windows 10 / Microsoft Office 365 (120 minutes)
  4. Microsoft Skype for Business / Microsoft OneDrive for Business Tips and Tricks (120 minutes)
  5. Microsoft SharePoint Online Tips and Tricks (60 minutes)

delivery methods - onsite tips and tricks - online webinar - webinar subscription - series

All sessions are available for purchase via the following delivery methods


  • Best results come from this style
  • Easy to tell if attendees engage
  • Easiest to tell if audience listening
  • Nothing beats in-person / face to face

Online / Webinar

  • Individual webinars
  • Instructor leverages your webinar capability to deliver training sessions.

Webinar Subscription

  • 12 month - Webinar series
  • Repeatable subscriptions or series  (Typically 3 or 4 sessions looped 3-4 times throughout year)
  • Series and subscriptions presented on first week of each month at specific time slot agreed upon with customer.
  • Instructor leverages your webinar capability to deliver training session. 

Our experienced instructors are able to relate the functionality to real world use cases and provide scenarios that are compelling that facilitate learning.  

Custom tailored seminar and webinar training approaches showcase the real power of Office 365 in a way that is easy to understand by everyone.

Customer Satisfaction
Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets OfficeMindshare apart. Our people are our strength and when you engage one of us — you get to tap into the knowledge of the entire team.

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