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Tips and Tricks

Office 365 training, etc..

At OfficeMindshare Corporation, our goal is to meet our customer needs.

Understanding our customer's readiness needs is a key part of our success.

Our strategy is simple:
  • Partner with you to build excitement around your Office 365 deployment
  • Grow awareness to the capabilities

To drive the following results:
  • Build interest that results in users digging in and learning more on their own by educating them to the resources available by showing things that can result in immediate increased productivity in their day to day work.
  • Ensure a successful deployment by driving usage of the products in a smart way that translates to increase in productivity.

Are you ready?

Now you can offer your clients or users a standing webinar that happens at a designated time monthly like the first Tuesday of each month. 

OfficeMindshare Corporation offers two hour time slots that we can deliver Office 365 webinars on your behalf and branded as such.

This allows you to offer this to your users or customers to attend from their desk.  You can focus on your clients and ensuring the deployment is a success.

In addition to webinar subscription/series, OfficeMIndshare also offers stand alone webinars based on availability for products like Microsoft Office 365,  Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft OneDrive for Business,  Microsoft Yammer and more.

Online Training

Got training?

Our online learning marketplace - online library called is a subscripton-based (12 month plans) paid on a monthly basis.

It consists of 100+ HD videos that are 3-5 minutes in length.  These are task-based oriented videos that help users learn how to complete the tasks.  This is great reinforcement and provides Just-In-Time training for users that allow them to access key topics on-demand as they work.

This is also a great supplement to the onsite Tips and Tricks that you will want to have delivered that will align with your key deployment dates.  
Onsite Support

Need onsite support?

Do you need someone onsite to answer questions for your Microsoft Office 365 deployments?

OfficeMindshare can help.  We offer walk around support on key dates of your deployments.  We charge a flat daily rate plus travel and expenses.

Engage us to help your Office 365 be successful and to ease users concerns by having someone available onsite and available to answer their questions.

  OfficeMindshare Solution Services

OfficeMIndshare helps clients bring solutions to reality by working directly with customers from conception all the way to the finished product.  OfficeMindshare also helps remediate solutions that customers are having issues with that may be the blocker to the ongoing deployment.  Our programmability and consulting expertise helps us to assist you in isolating the issue and getting it fixed to enable the deployment to move forward.  

Office Add-Ins

OfficeMindshare can assist you with your efforts to mitigate existing add-ins that might be delaying your deployment.  We can isolate key issues and help to expedite solutions that will enable you to accelerate your adoption.  We help you overcome development hurdles with add-in compatibility.  OfficeMindshare can also assist with new macros or add-in development in VBA or c# with VSTO.. 

OpenXML Solutions

Accelerate document creation to enable users to achieve more.  The power of OpenXML enables interesting scenarios especially when used in conjunction with SharePoint.  Various workflows can be utilized to initiate various aspects of the process.  Leveraging the power of the file  format to expedite  the process.

Apps for Office 365

The new app model introduced in Microsoft Office 2013 with Office 365 introduced the app store for Office 365.  These apps represent a new class of applications that give way to complete new ideas.  OfficeMindshare has the expertise via the team to support your efforts around Office app development..
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